Management and Constitution

SACLA 2022 Executive Committee

  • SACLA President: Estelle Taylor (North-West University)
  • SACLA Past President: Andre Calitz (NMU)
  • SACLA Secretary: Linda Marshall (UP)
  • SACLA Treasurer: Bobby Tait (UNISA)
  • SACLA 2021 Conference Chair: Prof Marijke Coetzee / Prof Wai Sze Leung (UJ)
  • SACLA 2022 Conference chair: Richard Barnett (Stellenbosch)
  • SACLA 2023 Conference chair: Prof Lynette Drevin (NWU)

SACLA Annual Publications

  • Springer Journal publication: Communications in Computer and Information Science (CCIS Vol. 730).  Selected top papers presented at SACLA published in the journal.
  • SACLA Conference proceedings: Selected papers that are not included in the journal publication are published in the conference proceedings.


Download the constitution here.