Management and Constitution

SACLA 2019 Executive Committee

  • SACLA President: Andre Calitz (NMU)
  • SACLA Secretary Linda Marshall (UP)
  • SACLA Treasurer: Susan Campher (NWU)
  • SACLA 2018 Conference Chair: Lisa Seymour (UCT)
  • SACLA 2019 Conference Chair: Mac van der Merwe (UNISA)
  • SACLA 2020 Conference Chair: Stephen Flowerday (Rhodes)

SACLA Annual Publications

  • Springer Journal publication: Communications in Computer and Information Science (CCIS Vol. 730), (Prof Stefan Gruner – SACLA journal proceedings chair).  Selected top papers presented at SACLA published in the journal.
  • SACLA Conference proceedings: Selected papers that are not included in the journal publication are published in the conference proceedings.


1. Name of the Society

Southern Africa Computer Lecturers’ Association (SACLA)

2. Objectives of the Society

To promote co-operation among South African and Southern African Universities, specifically in order to further the method and contents of university education in the field of computing.

3. Membership

Employees of Southern African Universities involved in teaching and research in the field of computing automatically become members by attending a general meeting, and remain members until the commencement of the next general meeting.

4. Executive Committee

4.1. Composition

The Society shall be managed by an Executive Committee (EC) consisting of:

  1. Five members comprising the past chairperson, the current chairperson, the future chairperson, the EC treasurer and the EC secretary
  2. At least one member should be from IS and one member from CS
  3. The current chairperson of the EC will be from the current hosting institution

4.2. Election and term of office

The members of the Executive Committee are elected by the members of the Society present at the Annual General Meeting and remain in office for two more Annual General Meetings.

4.3. Power of co-option

If a member of the Executive Committee is unable to fulfill his duties of office, or a vacancy occurs for any reason, the Executive Committee shall have the power to co-opt a substitute member.

4.4. The chairperson

The Chairperson will organize and host the annual conference and will constitute an Organizing Committee including a Conference Treasurer.

4.5. EC treasurer

The EC treasurer shall manage the SACLA reserve funds and the handing over and retrieving of seed funds for each annual conference.

5. Liaison with other bodies

The Society shall function as an independent corporate body. Liaison with other bodies shall be effected on an ad hoc basis by the Executive Committee.

6. Achieving the Objectives

The Executive Committee shall organise an annual general meeting of the Society at the annual conference. At the discretion of the Executive Committee, other individuals can also be invited to attend the meeting.

7. Signatories

All documents and instruments required to be signed on behalf of the Society shall be signed by any two members of the Executive Committee, duly authorized by the past Executive Committee, in writing, immediately following the Annual General Meeting at which the new Executive Committee was elected, on the proviso that the existing Executive Committee retains signatory powers in all matters relating to their term of office until a final accounting is rendered to new Executive Committee, but no later than the next Annual General Meeting.

8. Indemnity

Each member of the Executive Committee shall be accountable only in respect of their acts and shall not be accountable for any acts done or authorized to which they have not expressly assented. No member of the Executive Committee shall incur any personal liability in respect of any loss or damage incurred through any act, matter or thing done, authorized or suffered by them, being done in good faith for the benefit of the Society, although in excess of their legal power.

9. Assets and Accounts

All assets and funds of the Society shall be held and registered in the name of the Society. The Executive Committee shall have the power to raise, borrow and secure payment of money, and to accept donations, in furtherance of the Society’s objectives. True accounts shall be kept of all moneys received and expended by the Society and of the assets and liabilities of the Society. The Executive Committee shall have the power to open such banking or building society accounts as it deems fit for the purposes of the Society. The Funds of the Society shall be used solely for the promotion of the objectives of the Society. The Executive Committee shall submit at each Annual General Meeting a Statement of Revenue and Expenditure, and a Balance Sheet made up to one month prior to the Annual General Meeting.

The conference treasurer shall submit at the Annual General Meeting a preliminary Statement of Revenue and Expenditure for the conference for approval. A final statement must be submitted to the EC treasurer and distributed to all members within three months of the Annual General Meeting.

10. Publications

The Organising Committee shall have power to publish newsletters and an annual Conference Proceedings.

Amended: 3rd July 2015 at SACLA AGM

Chairperson SACLA 2015: Emma Coleman

Signed: ____________________________


Affiliation of SACLA (Southern African Computer Lecturers’ Association) to SAICSIT (South African Institute of Computer Scientists and Information Technologists)

In terms of the SAICSIT Constitution paragraph 3.23, a Special General Meeting was held at which a request for affiliation of SACLA to SAICSIT was considered and agreed upon. The terms of the agreement of affiliation of SACLA to SAICSIT are:

  1. For mutual benefit and cooperation SACLA is to become an Institutional Affiliate of SAICSIT when this document has been signed by authorized representatives of both societies under the following terms and conditions:
  2. SACLA may nominate a person who will be entitled to attend Council Meetings of SAICSIT, such a person, unless already a member of the SAICSIT Council, will not be entitled to vote at Council Meetings.
  3. In terms of the Constitution of SAICSIT, paragraph 3.3.2, it is noted that the Members of Council of SAICSIT have the right to attend any and all meetings of SACLA, but unless already members of SACLA will not have the right to vote at such meetings.
  4. Copies of the minutes of SACLA meetings are to be made available to the Secretary of SAICSIT for submission to the Council of SAICSIT.
  5. Members of SACLA who do not receive Quaestationes Informaticae, or such other journals which are supported by SAICSIT, may subscribe through SAICSIT to such journals at a reduced rate of subscription.  The actual subscription is to be decided from time to time by the Council of SAICSIT.
  6. Further matters for cooperation – eg. sponsorships, dates of meetings – are to be arranged by the Chairman of SACLA and the Executive Committee of SAICSIT on an ad hoc basis.

Signed: ____________________________

Chairperson SACLA 2015: Emma Coleman